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Watch the 1st prize in buny 2020

"Inside and outside the music, between sudden leaps and sudden changes of direction, they developed a serious and consciously game that constantly referred to the childhood of the bell, the four cantons or the flag-stealer but at the same time gave back intact fears, joys, melancholy, sorrows and surprises of that childhood. A popular and at the same time cultured show, pure energy in deflagration! A company to to follow in the coming times."

"It is an extraordinary "dynamic motion" that from the "unconscious mind" of the performers is transferred, through their memory and their individual paths, but above all through their bodies, to the spectators. The performers have the strength to reveal, with their choreography, what Adolphe Appia called - a living work of art".

"The jury, chaired by the choreographer and vice president of the Academy of Performing Arts of Spain, Rosángeles Valls, valued the physicality and energy, as well as the influence of languages such as bboying, hip-hop or improvisation that define this journey to the unconscious mind of the artists".

"The work of Frantics Dance Company, triumphs in the XIX edition of the International Contest of Choreography Burgos-New York. This Italian-Spanish company, formed by Carlos Aller, Marco di Nardo, Diego de la Rosa and Juan Tirado, has won the first prize of this prestigious artistic festival of contemporary dance."

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