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Diego is a Spanish choreographer, stage director, dance-theater dramaturg, performer, and one of the artistic directors of Frantics Dance Company. He has been involved in performing arts for more than a decade, combining urban dance, contemporary dance, physical theater, and text theater with the objective of generating hybrid languages related to today’s world.

Since 2014, he has worked with Theater Strahl in Berlin; Hungry Sharks; Theater Bonn; Theater Bremen, and Theater Kassel. He had been working with choreographers such as Samir Akika (FR/DE), Helder Seabra (PL), Adrienn Hód Hodworks (HU), Laura Scozzi (IT), JDot Tight Eyez (USA), Nadine Gerspacher (DE/ES), Lorca Renoux (FR), Juan Tirado (ES), Andrés Marín (ES), Victor Rottier (NL) and Johannes Wieland (DE) to name a few.

His solo work has been touring Greece, North Macedonia, Spain, Germany, Poland, Portugal, and Ireland. He also has been performing together with Frantics in Denmark, Germany, Greece, Spain, Switzerland, Malta, Italy, and Taiwan. 

Additionally, Diego de la Rosa gained extensive knowledge in teaching and leading training professionally in various dance schools, festivals, and companies. Since 2013 he has been developing his own techniques: “Exploring Possibilities” is the result of his research, with workshops in several places between Europe, Asia, and Africa.

His career as a director, choreographer, and dance-theater dramaturg has been increasing during the last years when he already got invited to create new works between Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Switzerland, and Spain.

Currently, his career is focused on research, development, and investigation of new creations and his own workshops.

Director, Choreographer & Dramaturg




Other projects

Theater Bonn (2016)

Theater Bremen (2018-2019)

Johannes Wieland Company/Staatstheater Kassel (2020-2021)

Choreographer & Dramaturg (Solo Performance)





Polarization´s Interview

Exploring Possibilities


Memories from Ghana

long term memory

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