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“We are an experimental dance company that emerged in 2013 from the underground scene of Berlin. The founders are Carlos Aller, Marco di Nardo, Diego de la Rosa and Juan Tirado.

The physicality of Frantics consists in a deep research and merge in various disciplines Bboying, Hip-hop, improvisation techniques, Acrobatics and Contemporary dance.

Our style is a celebration of the human spirit.

Of how to break through by representing on stage the underlying mechanisms that dwell inside our psyche. Our signature language is based in a deep study of musicality and characterized by rapid changes, freezes and explosive moves that we use to convey to the spectator our deepest feelings of fear, joy, melancholy, pain and pleasure”.


Carlos Aller

Marco di Nardo

Diego de la Rosa

Juan Tirado

What's next

Frenesí (Juan)

Dance arts Faculty
4th - 5th January
(Rome, IT)


Tanzbüro Basel
6th - 8th January
(Basel, CH)

Last Space (By George Anastasakis)

Dance Arts Faculty
6th - 18th January
(Rome, IT)

Carlos & Diego (By Derek Pedrós)

Toula Limnaios
15th & 17th January
(Berlin, DE)

Captura de pantalla 2020-01-04 a las 13.26.05

11th & 12th January
(London, UK)


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