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An investigation of the different perceptions of time. Jumping through space, time will collapse and freeze, lengthen and accelerate. Like a blurred movie, watching memories and adjusting to real events. Through an energetic explosion, breaking out of the monotony of repetition.
Trailer Running time: 35 minutes Direction & Choreography: Frantics Dance Company Performers: Carlos Aller, Juan Tirado, Marco Di Nardo, Diego de La Rosa, Young-Won Song


We know that only through the physical senses and mind can the world be known. The world is correlative of human knowledge, therefore, the world is the fundamental structure of our own way of knowing. The time and space are not "objective" or casualty, but mental categories in which everything is modelled. The existence and shape of everything depends on the mind.
Trailer Running time: 50 minutes Direction & Choreography: Frantics Dance Company Performers: Carlos Aller, Juan Tirado, Marco Di Nardo, Diego de La Rosa

Prisoner of his happiness⁠⁠⁠⁠

A traveller full of concerns, trapped in a timeless search in which each trip represents a method of learning. Where can one find happiness? Passing from different episodes, curiosity and hope to times of instability and changes towards a time full of worries, anger and frustrations in which the acceptance of life without a path is the only way to getaway and to keep on going forward, knowing that the only thing that will stay forever will be us.
Running time: 10 minutes Direction & Choreography: Diego de la Rosa Performers: Diego de La Rosa


The human body has gone through many changes during the story of time. In the Greek philosophy Aristophanes talked about what and whom we are nowadays and how this transformation happened. In a body where our brain autonomously performs 90% of the actions in an unconscious mode and only 10% of our actions are taken in a conscious way, how would we reason if we managed to take more than 10% of our decisions consciously?” Are we aware of our self-conscious hero or our own hero is our conscious? Who is in charge and when?
Trailer Running time: 28 minutes Direction & Choreography: Marco Di Nardo Performers: Marco Di Nardo



This experimental dance company was created in 2013 in the underground dance scene of Berlin. The name "Frantics" is inspired by the Spanish word “Frenesí”, which by definition means “a violent exaltation of a feeling or a passion”.

The atmosphere that surrounds Berlin has been key in the creativity of the company. Their members's background is Bboying, but by exploring diverse moving possibilities, they began to create their own theater pieces.

Frantics' philosophy is in a constant develop and it drinks from many sources. Their aim is to serve a new style and make the observer dig and savor the experience. They incorporate together day-to-day life moments with an instinctive form of phisicality where shapes, musicality, improvisation and blow-ups are their essential signature.

The members have also collaborated with Johannes Wieland, Wang Ramirez, Samir Akika, Maxine Doyle, Lorca Renoux, De Dansers, Staatsoper Berlin, Sita Ostheimer & Southpaw Dance Company.


Extract from the performance "Last". When: 22/02 — 23/02/2019 Performed by Carlos Aller and Diego de la Rosa More information

Extract from "Last"

IRON MODVN // Barcelona
5 days training with Marco di Nardo - Frantics dance company When: 25/03 — 29/03/2019 // 11:00 – 12:30 More information

Marco di Nardo

Profitraining in Henny Jurriëns Studio // Amsterdam
2 Day workshop by Juan Tirado - Frantics dance company When: 02/07 — 03/07/2019 // 09:00 – 13:00 Video More information

Juan Tirado

Workshop in b12 // Berlin
4 days training with Carlos Aller - Frantics dance company When: 28/05 and 30/05/2019 // 14:00 1/06 and 2/06 // 13:00

Carlos Aller

Marameo // Berlin
5 days training with Carlos Aller - Frantics dance company When: 17/06 — 21/06/2019 // 11:00 – 12:30

Carlos Aller

Profitraining in Henny Jurriëns Studio // Amsterdam